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Regent Candidate Advisory Council

The Regent Candidate Advisory Council (RCAC) was established by an act of the Legislature of the State of Minnesota in 1988 (Minnesota Statute 137.0245) to advise the legislature in the election of regents of the University of Minnesota. Its duties are to develop a description of the duties of regents, outline criteria to be applied in recommending candidates, and recruit, screen and recommend at least two, and not more than four, qualified candidates to the joint legislative committee for each opening on the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. The council consists of twenty-four members appointed to staggered six-year terms.

The twelve-member Board of Regents is the governing body of the University of Minnesota. The legislature elects one regent from each of Minnesota's eight congressional districts and four from the state at large (Minnesota Statute 137.0246). One of the four at-large regents must be a University student at the time of election. Regents serve without pay for six-year terms. Terms are staggered, with one-third of the board up for election every two years.

News and Updates

2017 RCAC Recommendation Report to the Joint Legislative Committee (1/13/2017)

Release: 2017 RCAC Recommendations (1/9/2017)

Release: 17 Applicants Selected to Interview for University of Minnesota Board of Regents (12/12/2016)

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